New projects, despite lockdown

As well as using Twitter to announce new projects, or update people on ongoing ones, I sometimes reminisce about ones from years ago, such as this one… For some reason, I kept thinking of this, and on top of everything else I have planned (post-COVID), I’d quite like to explore what a power trio canContinue reading “New projects, despite lockdown”

A year of books: every title I read in 2020 (Jan-Mar)

Every year is a year of books for me. I am an unashamedly committed bibliophile. However, I rarely review the books I read, preferring to make recommendations in conversation with other book lovers. This year is different. For those who don’t already know, the UK (like many countries) has been under a kind of lockdownContinue reading “A year of books: every title I read in 2020 (Jan-Mar)”