A year of books (Apr-Jun)

It’s been three months since my last article on the books I am reading in 2020 (which you can read here). At the end of March, the UK was officially in lockdown, and throughout April many of us got used to new ways of working (or not working), as well as working out what toContinue reading “A year of books (Apr-Jun)”

A year of books: every title I read in 2020 (Jan-Mar)

Every year is a year of books for me. I am an unashamedly committed bibliophile. However, I rarely review the books I read, preferring to make recommendations in conversation with other book lovers. This year is different. For those who don’t already know, the UK (like many countries) has been under a kind of lockdownContinue reading “A year of books: every title I read in 2020 (Jan-Mar)”