Reblog: Freeze – The Nick Gladdish Band


A brief view of the recording project I’ve been involved in, told by bass player from the same band (and dear friend), Groovebox Adam:

Freeze – The Nick Gladdish Band

I feel like my entire musical career has been an endless challenge to do what I can under unfavourable circumstances. So when the pandemic hit I couldn’t believe how many of the bands I played with went into total hibernation, vowing to get back on it when things blew over at some hypothetical moment in […]

Freeze – The Nick Gladdish Band

‘Freeze’ by Nick Gladdish is available online NOW, in all the usual places.

Poem: A political ghost flew, ruining my view

Poetry & Writing

The wheat it rises fast by summer late

Honey yellow melting into rich gold

Yet now, streaking through the swaying barley

Comes ex-P.M. from Euro state of old

Fleeing worldly problems and past mistakes

With childish abandon and youth-lost glee

Surprised, then angry; next, aloud thinks I:

“Well, that’s stained this golden moment for me!”


Somehow, this silly little poem (about former UK Prime Minister Theresa May running through one of the fields of wheat outside my home) felt best suited to the sonnet form (of somewhat loosely – see below).

For context, here is May’s past form, regarding running through fields of wheat.

Please don’t judge my efforts too harshly. It is my first attempt at writing in this form since secondary school (twenty years ago). I most definitely haven’t adhered to the ‘galloping’ rhythm of traditional Iambic Pentameter (5 pairs of syllables per lone, going weak-strong each time). This would have been a strict requirement for stage actors reciting these lines (usually as dialogue) in Elizabethan age plays, most famously those penned by William Shakespeare.

However, I’m not Shakespeare, Marlowe or any sonnet writer of any note, by any stretch – that much should be clear by now! I’m just a bored dad trying to get his youngest child (currently teething) to sleep by taking them out in the buggy for an evening walk…