Reblog: Three things we can learn from Sir George Martin (1926-2016)

Legendary producer of The Beatles, Sir George Martin, passed away on this day, five years ago. The following day, I wrote this article on a now-defunct page. Reposting here to mark this sad anniversary: Sir George Martin, most famous for acting as the producer of all but one of The Beatles’ albums, passed away yesterday,Continue reading “Reblog: Three things we can learn from Sir George Martin (1926-2016)”

Reblog: Freeze – The Nick Gladdish Band

A brief view of the recording project I’ve been involved in, told by bass player from the same band (and dear friend), Groovebox Adam: Freeze – The Nick Gladdish Band I feel like my entire musical career has been an endless challenge to do what I can under unfavourable circumstances. So when the pandemic hitContinue reading “Reblog: Freeze – The Nick Gladdish Band”