Haiku for a Spring Evening

Poetry & Writing

Sunset behind me.

Golden sunlight lightly shines

On green northern fields

Inspired by my drive home along the Military Road, which runs alongside (and sometimes on top of) the route of Hardrian’s Wall in Northumberland. The remains of this wall, once the boundary between Roman-occupied Southern half of Britannia and the untamed Northern half (mostly made up of modern-day Scotland), provides an additional element to an already dramatic landscape.

This evening, as I drove eastward at sunset, I noticed the beautifully strange golden glow alighting on the grazing land on both sides of the road (and the ruins of the ancient wall). Beautiful, strange, but rare. About as rare as my Haiku efforts, at least…

Image copyright David Head (from the Visit Northumberland Facebook page)

Haiku for the Summer Solstace

Poetry & Writing

We hoped for sunshine

But rain soaked Welsh Poppies brought

Sun-yellow petals

You don’t always get the weather you want, especially in the UK.

Yet the gorgeous buttercup yellow of a flower, thought of by many as a weed, certainly adds brightness on a day with less sunshine than we might have hoped for. But then, a weed is simply a plant you don’t want, which means the definition certainly doesn’t apply in our garden.

Ironically, or perhaps fittingly, I’ve spent most of today – the longest day in the northern hemisphere – at work. I therefore didn’t get to enjoy my garden at all today.

Still, there is always tomorrow…