Haiku for the Summer Solstace

Poetry & Writing

We hoped for sunshine

But rain soaked Welsh Poppies brought

Sun-yellow petals

You don’t always get the weather you want, especially in the UK.

Yet the gorgeous buttercup yellow of a flower, thought of by many as a weed, certainly adds brightness on a day with less sunshine than we might have hoped for. But then, a weed is simply a plant you don’t want, which means the definition certainly doesn’t apply in our garden.

Ironically, or perhaps fittingly, I’ve spent most of today – the longest day in the northern hemisphere – at work. I therefore didn’t get to enjoy my garden at all today.

Still, there is always tomorrow…

Gig in a garden


It’s been five months, almost to the day, since my last live performance in March. That’s the longest I’ve gone without playing live in my entire adult life, let alone career.

It felt like the right time to get The Nick Gladdish Band around for a outdoor rehearsal in my garden in Northumberland. Last Saturday couldn’t have been a better day for playing music with friends in the sun.

My custom-built nylon-strung acoustic guitar, made by Neil Mchardy in Cumbria

It was also a great excuse to test out my most recent acoustic guitar (see the full review for that one here). We brought enough sound equipment to make an otherwise largely acoustic affair sound good enough to be recorded, and filmed a few tracks. These are still being edited, but I’ll try to remember to share a few in the next few days.

Each of the band’s five members have social media profiles and various alternate projects running alongside the NGB. I will list them all in a series of future blogs. For now, if you’d like to hear the latest Nick Gladdish record, follow the Spotify link here.

Five months of not playing with other musicians (and not getting a lot of time to play by myself), as well as six hours of drinking in the glorious August sun, probably wasn’t the best recipe for good music, but it wasn’t as shambolic as I feared it might be!

The Nick Gladdish Band, back together (in my garden) after five months

Everyone (including the neighbours) enjoyed the afternoon, and I think we will be having another bash at an outdoor rehearsal again very soon!