Tonerider pickups Vs Squier Classic Vibe Pickups

Last year, I was in the process of changing the pickups in my two Stratocasters. One, my blonde Squier Vintage Modified (pictured below), was fitted out with custom pickups handmade for me by Rohdan Pickups in the USA. These were made using Alnico III magnets in the neck and middle pups, the same as theContinue reading “Tonerider pickups Vs Squier Classic Vibe Pickups”

Upcycled music: my custom-built, eco-friendly classical guitar

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may be aware that I recently had a new classical guitar custom made for me by Neil McHardy Guitars in Cumbria. Here’s some details and a closer look… McHardy’s eco-friendly mindset Neil works alone and handbuilds his guitars to order. His offset sound hole design came fromContinue reading “Upcycled music: my custom-built, eco-friendly classical guitar”